Multicultural development in human

Multicultural development in human services agencies: Challenges and solutions.” Both articles discuss the importance of intentional diversity within agencies and the problems of exclusion as a huge issue in today’s workforce.

Based upon the readings, for human services agencies to provide adequate service delivery, diversity makes sense. Thus, there must be the elimination of sexism, racism, and other forms of oppression, an increase in valuing differences, and a redistribution of power influence among stakeholders.

Additionally, to be included there must be two needs satisfied: belongingness and uniqueness. Respond to this week’s discussion question by suggesting solutions and intentional efforts to address the following multicultural issues at a leading social service agency:

You are a human services manager at the local Community Action Development Center. Your staff is ethnically and gender diverse, and many solutions/programs have been addressed including racial discord and sexist innuendos among staff.

Nothing, however, is in place or has been addressed regarding heterosexist/homophobic statements, insinuations, and bias toward two “out” sexual minority staff.

Pulling from suggestions from the authors and the lecture this week, (Theory practice and trends in Human Services)design a plan to address this issue.

Include in your discussion effective human services characteristics, traits, and skills that are needed within the agency and why. Remember, the reading states that diverse staff needs two needs satisfied: (1) belongingness and (2) uniqueness. Comment on why this is important.