i need to do a short report ( max 2 pages)

I already gathered the data for you in (Excel file)

i took 4 different circular objects and and 4 people measured the circumference and diameter 4 times. so you will see 16 data of circumference

16 data of diameter

and i calculated Pi for you ( 16 data of Pi)

i am not sure if i calculated the right std dev, mean , etc and u can check my excel file attached.

so, you will find the instruction in the a word file attached.

also there is a sample report attached for u so u can use it to see how the report should look like.

so i need a good report include : objective, method, results and analysis sections as instructed on the word file attached.

if you have any questions let me know.


Note: no need for max # of words, just 2 pages report