Meaning of Intelligence in Psychology

Meaning of Intelligence in Psychology

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Intelligence is defined as the ability to learn, understand, and interact with one’s environment (Carter, 2009). Working memory is a part of the brain that retains information over a short period of time and performs mental operations (Gazzaniga, Irvy, & Mangun, 2018).

An example of working memory would be remembering numbers which are maintaining the information and adding which would be manipulating which is using our memory.

Intelligence is also the ability to make decisions which are done by determining pros and cons (Carter, 2009).

Decision making starts in the premotor cortex and is activated to make decisions about physical movements unconsciously, if more than a simple physical action is needed an area of the cortex is brought in and refine a plan of action, then prefrontal areas are brought in with comparing present and past situations if it’s complicated, and lastly, the frontest part of the brain activates and combines all the information gathered into a full plan.

Learning and intelligence are based on decision making and that is what we do every single day as humans. Our working memory is what is used to help remember new things for example a new job.

Our working memory helps us learn the new job role which is then transferred to intelligence.