Mathematica lab, calculus homework help

only for who have Mathematica account.

The file name “Lab-Report” is the file that has questions needed to be answered. The file with name “laboratory” is just example, it might help you to do “lab-Report” file.

here’s what the my professor asked.


Please download the file attached below under “Lab Report Submission” and solve the exercises in the SAME notebook. You will need to attach and submit the same Mathematica notebook with the solutions to the exercises at the following “Lab Report Submission” dropbox.

For reference, download and use the following notebook

Laboratory 01

For Exercise 3, you will need to use a “While Loop”. The description and examples of While Loop are given in the same Laboratory 01 Mathematica notebook.

You may also visit the

Wolfram’s Website

to watch instructional videos (especially the first one).

Please refer to the following document

Common Errors and Mistakes for common errors while solving the exercises.

The following definition of

Significant digits used in the Mathematica function N[…, s] will be critical while deciding the value of “s”.