Macroeconomics Paper

Macroeconomics Paper




  • You will be required to complete one paper that is a 1-2 page writing assignment that must be turned in as a Gordon Rule Paper. 
  • You will need to submit one document that includes both your article and paper. The article must be at the end of your bibliography page and must be the full article. No links are allowed for your work or you will lose 30 points. If you do not turn the paper in you will receive a 0/100 as there are no exceptions or extensions. You must also use APA format in your paper to receive credit. 
  • What you will be doing is to find an article on any economic topic. You are required to find an article that is relevant to economics and make an argument in your analysis using appropriate economic terminology. Make sure you are referencing all appropriate sources. 




1. Pick an article that you find that interests you in macroeconomics(examples 

includes: gas prices, food prices, housing prices, hybrid cars, supply of corn, 

ethanol production, elasticities, production possibility curves, fiscal, monetary Palm 

policy, unemployment rates, GDP, international trade). The best place to find an 

article is in your local paper,, or


2. Divide your paper into 3-5 paragraphs. First paragraphs should consist of a 

summary of the article that you are evaluating. Second and third paragraphs 

should include an evaluation/analysis of the article using appropriate economic 

terminology that has been presented in the course. It is important to make sure 

that you are not summarizing in paragraphs 2-3. Paragraphs 4-5 should consist 

of recommendations of what you think should be done or your position on the 

topic given the author point of view. 


3. To submit the paper, you will need to copy your article into your paper after you 

bibliography page. Please note that APA is required for your work, which 

includes both your title page, reference page, and in-text citations. If you are 

having issues with APA formatting, you will need to contact the Writing Center.


4. Please make sure to plan early as no late work is accepted in the course. You will 

need to submit one document that includes both your article and paper. I would 

recommend that you start early to submit your work as you will not be able to 


submit your work late given the late policy in the course.