LP5.1 Assignment: Queue Diagram and Steps in Simulation This

LP5.1 Assignment: Queue Diagram and Steps in Simulation
This assignment will assess the following competencies:6. Analyze Business Environments Involving Queues.7. Explore the importance of simulation in management.
DirectionsFrom your discussion experience describing a queue, diagram the queue you were in. This diagram should be created using shapes (as in page 440). Label the parts of the queue. Include 3 major characteristics of the queueing system. (you will not receive points if a diagram is not created).What are the seven steps in simulation?
The correct answer is only worth 10% of the grade on this assignment; 90% of your grade on this assignment will be the explanation and work. Please explain why you chose the method or formula and provide a detailed explanation regarding the outcome or solution. Provide a minimum of 3-5 sentences discussing your logic and how you came to your answer.
Submit this assignment to your instructor via the dropbox “LP5.1 Assignment: Queue Diagram and Steps in Simulation.” This assignment is worth 100 points; grading will be based on the General Writing Rubric, located under “Course Information.