Literature review basics in Psychology

Literature review basics in Psychology

 For this milestone, due in Module Three, you will submit a draft of the literature review due as part of your final research investigation using the three articles that were provided for your track and topic in Module Two.

In addition, for this milestone, you will need to find two additional articles to use for your final project. You will base this milestone on the literature review practice journal assignment that you completed in Module Two.

Rather than following the format of a typical lengthier APA literature review, you will instead prepare five shorter, adapted, individual literature reviews (one for each article).

Each literature review should be one page in length (all five should be submitted as one five-page document). These literature reviews will lead up to the final literature review submission, which will consist of a total of five literature reviews, based on the three articles provided in your track and two more articles found and selected by you for this milestone task.

The final version of the literature review will be submitted in Module Seven as part of Final Project Part I. Prompt First, read and review the three articles for your track.

Next, using the questions presented in the Module Two literature review practice journal assignment as a  guide, you will draft three literature reviews of the articles provided in your track.

You will then find two more articles to add to your literature reviews. The questions are provided here for your convenience. These questions will support you in completing the literature reviews, which will need to address all of the critical elements below.

Please refer to the complete list of critical elements for the literature review below.

● What is the title of the article (in APA format)?

● What is the purpose of the article? (Addresses critical elements I-A through I-C.)

● What is the hypothesis of the study? In other words, what claims do the authors make in the article? What are the outcomes of the study, that is, the conclusions that the authors made as a result of the study? (Addresses critical elements I-A through I-D.)

● What variables (factors) are being looked at as it impacts social thinking? (Addresses critical elements I-A through I-D.)

● If these variables or the relationship between these variables have been studied before, what have other studies found? This shows historical significance. (Addresses critical elements I-C and I-H.)

● Describe the research design that was used in the study. (Addresses critical elements I-E and I-F.)

● Do you think the research in this article was conducted in an ethical manner? Why or why not? (Addresses critical elements I-G and I-H.)

Use the Literature Review Template to complete this task. Please refer to the Literature Review Basics document as well as the Literature Review Example to assist you.

Please note that you are starting your literature review with the questions above, but you will need to expand the answers to these questions to meet the critical elements of the literature review for your final submission.