Linear Regression

Using the attached data (“Car Weight and MPG.sav”), compute and interpret the relationship between:

  • Car Weight (“Weight”) and miles per gallon consumed (“CityMPG”)

For this regression analysis, state the following:

  • A clear research question appropriate for a linear regression: (e.g., Is X a significant predictor of Y?”)
  • Null and research hypotheses that align clearly and neatly with your RQ.
  • Description of the variables used.
    • Your dependent and independent variables. (Clearly explain your rationale as to why which is which.)
    • State the sample size, along with the mean, standard deviation, and range (min & max) for each variable, in a paragraph format. (Do not just include a table, and not talk about it.)
  • State the rationale for applying regression analysis in this investigation using appropriate readings and resources in Module 5. (Please cite specific references.)
  • Findings in an APA format. (This includes the wording of the finding and the tables/figures included.)
  • Write out your regression equation, and state the predicted miles per gallon for cars that weighs 3,000 and 4,000 pounds. (Clearly show the calculations and steps involved.)
  • Include the SPSS output in your appendix.
  • Car Weight and MPG.sav