Latin america essay Nature tourism in Costa Rica You are

Nature tourism in Costa Rica
You are advising a new tour company that is interested in setting up an itinerary for nature tourists in Costa Rica.
There are many parks to see, but the tourists will only be in the country for about one week (8 days is OK too).
You need to come up with an itinerary that would include five stops (not counting the arrival and departure day). You decide where to start, there are two international airports in the country. From either one, plan the itinerary so that you move every day or every other day for a total of five stops. Make a list of the attractions and activities that the tourists will be able to see (be specific, use websites to look up national parks, private nature preserves, physical features such as volcanoes, waterfalls, beaches, etc. that they can see on the way).
Your report in .doc or .pdf format should include: a basic map of Costa Rica with your itinerary shown on it (get a basic country map and you can use Adobe Illustrator or draw tools in Powerpoint). You need to draw this map yourself, I will not accept route maps from existing tours that you can find online. Your itinerary needs to be doable, meaning you need to check the amount of time it takes to transfer from stop to stop. Your itinerary does not have to cover the entire country the list of all stops and brief description of each stop and each day (you have 7-8 days and 5 stops) one picture of the typical attraction and activities per stop (e.g., if you have ziplining planned, have a picture of the specific zipline)
The end of the report should have one paragraph that can be used as a marketing tool to attract people to choose your tour.