Influence Over Educational Policies

The vast majority of Americans have some stake in educational policy. Concerned parties include special interest groups, foundations, think tanks, professional organizations, congress, and the media. These groups try to influence what is taught in school, how it is taught, and the organizational structure of schooling.

Option 1:
Create a timeline that addresses the following:

  1. Choose one educational policy and examine how the policy has been influenced by different groups.
  2. Analyze the educational policy in relation to politics using an historical framework from the creation of the policy to present day. 
  3. Explore the evolution of power and control in American education through the different groups (federal, state, and local).

Be specific when identifying how each group has influenced the particular policy. Make sure you use a minimum of three resources in addition to your text. Create a timeline using Tiki-Toki or Dipity to display the information gathered, and add images and/or video to enhance your timeline. Also, please make sure your resource(s) is cited in APA format. To submit your timeline, copy and paste the link to your timeline into a Word document.