Journal Article Critique Format


Journal Article Critique Format


The following will provide you with a framework for fulfilling the Journal article review requirements for this course. You are to select five articles that are of interest to you and relevant to the nature of your research. For the purposes of this assignment, these articles must report on empirical investigations from peer-reviewed journals. You are to submit both your review and a PDF of the journal article. The review should be submitted through Turnitin using the dropbox provided. Please note that Turnitin percentages should be 18% or lower.

You may want to choose articles that are central to your research question. Consider the following format and contents for your presentation.

I. Statement of the problem addressed in the journal article: a. What were the questions that the researchers were attempting to answer? b. Why did the researchers believe that these questions needed to be

answered? c. What were the researchers’ hypotheses?

II. Methodology

a. What were the independent and dependent variables? b. How were these variables operationalized? c. Who were the participants and how were they selected? d. How did the researchers collect their data?

III. Summary and results in

a. Describe the procedures used to test specific hypotheses and the statistical tests used.

b. What were the key findings? c. Were the hypotheses supported? d. What avenues for future research were suggested?

IV. Critique

a. Did the methods and procedures used seem appropriate? b. Were there noticeable strengths and weaknesses you identified in the

study? c. How did the results and conclusions fit into your understanding of the




Reviews are to be one to three pages double spaced, standard margins, 12 point font. A page consists of 250 words. As always, please follow APA Style, sixth edition in writing your reviews and mind your CUPS: Capitalization Utilization Punctuation Syntax

All critiques are to be submitted through Turnitin on e-companion.