Consider your organization or a former one in which you were employed. Create a journal entry entitled “Organizational Culture” and address the following:

            My orgenization is Wells Fargo


1.    Identify at least one (1) tradition, symbol, or value, which make up your organization’s culture? How do they influence or affect your organization and its employees?


2.    Management’s procedures for hiring and firing employees are activities, which can reveal certain attitudes or values of an organization towards its employees.


o    Describe the procedures on how individuals are hired and fired in your organization.


o    What do the procedures reveal about management’s attitudes and values toward employees?


                An important HR activity of most managers in an organization is interviewing applicants for positions, which report to them. Research has revealed that many questions asked of applicants discriminate against females and minorities and often are not job related. Hence, it is critical that managers are sensitive to and understand the types of questions, which are legally permissible or impermissible to ask applicants during the interview process, to prevent problems or violations related to laws on fair employment practices.


o    Write a list of six (6) questions you would ask an applicant during a job interview.