Introduction & Background

IV.         Introduction & Background

This section should provide a clear and concise introduction and background to the report including:

–      Introducing ‘The Brief’ or the scope of work. You introductory paragraph(s) should clearly articulate the aim and objectives of the report i.e. to review topics relevant to the development of a sustainable tour for SDSU students and to understand the particular requirements or tastes of potential users of the product. (2 paragraphs to a page)

–       Conduct a “literature review” of the existing research on key topics related to the study. This involves secondary research (using other people’s research rather than collecting new data yourself) that you have sourced and deemed of a suitable quality (from a reputable source), summarized and synthesized. The following topics should be addressed (1-2 pages per topic).

A broad range of journal articles and newspaper/magazine articles and industry reports should all be accessed and correctly referenced in text and in a separate reference section at the end of your report.