Interactions & Graphing

A study was conducted to examine the perceived friendliness of telemarketers. The dependent variable was the number of people who actually smiled when finding out the person they were being introduced to was actually a telemarketer. Researchers wondered if Voice-type (feminine; masculine; gender-ambiguous) influenced perceived friendliness. The researchers also wanted to determine if Time-of-Day and Handedness were related to the phenomenon.

There were three factors (2x3x3). One factor had two levels, while the remaining two factors each had three levels. All factors were manipulated between subjects.

The levels of the 1st factor (Handedness) were Left/Right.
The levels of the 2nd factor (Time-of-Day) were 1:00pm/6:00pm/11:00pm. The levels of the 3rd factor (Costume) were Masculine/Ambiguous/Feminine

Your assignment is to graph ALL of the main effects and interactions that may be derived from this study (i.e., seven graphs total; no more than two per page). Specifically, you should have:

(a) Three different graphs which best depict the three possible main effects.
(b) Three different graphs which best depict the three possible two-factor interactions. (c) A single graph which best depicts the three-factor interaction.

For this assignment, if you are not using a computer to print your graphs, then you must use graph paper and ruler (see the class handouts webpage for graph paper that can be printed out).