Improving writing literature review

Module 9

From this week forward with the exception of another career week, you will be focusing on improving your integration and writing of your literature review. The first item to discuss is the sources chart.

This chart is a way to visually see if you are appropriately integrating your sources. It is a step further than the reference points assignment from a previous module.

Please review the “organizing premises example” as well. In addition to this, I have uploaded an example of an integrated literature review.

The paraphrased information is color-coded by the source. This is just to give you an idea of how it works in the paper as a whole. Please note that this is used only as an example of appropriate integration.

The paper has other flaws, including but not limited to page length requirement, colloquial phrasing, etc. Writing your paper and submitting your second assignment (title page) necessitates the use of proper APA formatting.

Although you’ve already been given resources regarding APA formatting, if you have not reviewed your book, examples, or the site, you likely still have questions.