Implementing successful CSR initiatives

At TOMS, we believe we can improve people’s lives through business. Founded in 2006, we understand the imperative for our company to operate responsibly and know that you want to buy from a company that works hard to integrate sustainable and responsible practices into all that they do. Our efforts are focused on making sure that we operate in a manner that’s consistent with our brand values.”

—TOMS, n.d.

Whether in North America or a nation across the globe, in a small nonprofit agency or a large governmental institution, many organizations have implemented successful corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. TOMS is one such organization that has effectively balanced profit with doing social good.

In this Assignment, you will identify an organization that has implemented a successful CSR initiative. Then you will consider the organization’s motives for implementing the CSR initiative, how the initiative influenced employees, the organization, and social change, and how an I/O psychology practitioner could have contributed to the success of the initiative.


Write a 3 -page paper that includes the following:

  • Identify a successful CSR initiative implemented by an organization. In your description, be sure to classify the CSR initiative by type (e.g., internal, external, etc.).
  • Describe the organization’s potential motives for implementing the CSR initiative.
  • Explain how the CSR initiative has or could influence the following:
    • employees’ and leaders’ ethical behavior within the organization;
    • employee well-being, attitudes, and performance;
    • the organization’s reputation and profitability; and
    • positive social change.
  • Explain how I/O psychology practitioners can help organizations implement successful CSR initiatives. Provide two specific examples to support your explanation.
  • Describe two ethical dilemmas and/or legal issues that an I/O psychology practitioner might encounter when helping an organization implement a successful CSR initiative. Explain how you would address each ethical dilemma and/or legal issue. Be sure to incorporate the APA Ethics Code into your response.