Impacts of gender roles and sexuality

Becoming Johanna

This video focuses on the impact that gender roles and sexuality have on an individual.


In a 1-2 page Microsoft Word document, include the following:

  1. Describe the influence that gender roles played for Johanna’s behavior, both before she became Johanna (as a child her name was Jonathon) and after she became Johanna.
  2. Compare the behaviors of Johanna’s biological mother to that of Johanna’s foster family. How did they influence Johanna’s behavior?
  3. What is the significance for Johanna of finding a community of people like her? How does this influence her gender roles and sexuality?
  4. Use two different theories to analyze some of Johanna’s behaviors and give specific examples that connect to the theoretical analysis.
  5. Compare Johanna’s experiences to that of a “typical” teenager. What needs are not being met for Johanna? What are some possible behaviors or issues Johanna might face in her future as a result of not having her needs met? How could a Human Services professional help?
  6. Explain what Johanna’s story teaches to the general public about gender roles and sexuality. How does this story influence you as a future Human Services professional?