I am looking for someone to write an article on Purpose and

I am looking for someone to write an article on Purpose and Function of Newspeak.
It needs to be at least 1500 words.
This shows that the language is widely used in Europe, particularly in Germany. The contextual theme of this study is based on a focus to clarify the purpose and principles of the Newspeak. As such, the study hopes to point out that in the event that the natural human atmosphere is affected by bad politics, the result is a corruption of the language. hence, the thoughts of people. Thus, this argument presents the main concept in support of inventing Newspeak.
Largely, it can be argued that the invention decision of the language was informed by a desire to fulfill the ideological needs of the English Socialism or Ingsoc that was present by then. However, this form of language has been dormant and rarely used till later years such as 1984 since no one used Newspeak as the exclusive communication means, orally or written. During these periods, leading articles such as published by Times were written in the Newspeak language but required a the services of a specialist for the tour de force to take place.
The expectation was that Newspeak would act as a replacement and supersede the Oldspeak (standard English) by around 2050 (Adams 60-72) However, the language steadily gained ground as all members in political parties at this time were optimistic and eager to incorporate the Newspeak words in their speeches. This was so that they would be recognized and defined by the new grammatical constructions that accompanied their language (Moustaki 50-61).
At around the year 1984 when the uptake of Newspeak language was at its peak, the availed dictionary for the language through the Ninth and Tenth editions were provisional. hence, largely contained archaic and superfluous words and grammatical formations that required suppressions.