Higher fetal of pregnancy


Question 1 

Higher fetal activity in the last weeks of pregnancy:


a. Predicts a more active infant in the first month of life.

b. Predicts a more fearful 2-year-old.

c. Can indicate a premature delivery.

d. Predicts a more easily frustrated toddler.

Question 2

Theories differ from mere opinion and belief in that:


a. They provide the ultimate truth.

b. They are usually too abstract to be used as a basis for practical action.

c. They cannot be tested in a research setting.

d. Their continued existence depends on scientific verification.

Question 3

The American cultural norm of having infants sleep in a separate room from their parents is meant to foster:


a. An awareness of personal boundaries.

b. Respect for parents.

c. An interdependent self.

d. An independent self.