Health Wellness in Psychology

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Health Wellness in Psychology


Resources: SAMSA. (2017). The eight dimensions of wellness. Retrieved from

Consider the eight dimensions of wellness, “Emotional, Environmental, Financial, Intellectual, Occupational, Physical, Social, Spiritual,” then choose the most relevant dimension to “Psychology” as a profession. Make sure you specify in the subject line which dimension you chose. Then address the following in your initial post:

List three factors that you think could help people improve their levels of wellness, and then list three challenges that you think people could face with regard to that dimension.

Describe an event related to wellness that either you or someone around you has experienced. What did you take away, and how did it enhance your understanding of wellness?

Share a current issue related to wellness that you have found interesting or that has personally impacted you. Post an article from a news source. How does wellness help you better understand this issue?