Good afternoon class

provide a meaningful response to at least two of your peers’ posts by the end of the week. In your responses to your peers, you might offer suggestions for other ways of handling these issues. REMEMBER to also include your discussion some citations to support your statements. It is good to have opinions, but always best to have some evidence-based information to back up your points.

Peer #1 – Good afternoon class , in analyzing the aspect of a high school student that has acquired immunodeficiency syndrome and wishes to attend class as public health nurse our outlook should be to advocate for this student as much as possible. With the right resources , understanding of protection, and preventing spreading of the disease to classmates. This student should have the right to to a proper education and social relationship is healthy from a psychological aspect this disease can not be easy to deal with so we have to view it from every angle. As nurses we have to advocate what is right for our patient at the same time thinking of the community by protecting the other students as well. Teaching about  hand washing should be implemented as wells as ,  avoid sharing ,avoid sharp objects and going to the school nurse if their is blood drawn should be emphasized for others protection.

When dealing with a student that has been sexually assaulted and the attackers being so close in the home we have to make action and call social services. The one thing about nursing is “ethical issues can occur in any situation where profound moral questions of  ‘rightness’ or ‘ wrongness’ underlie professional decision making and the beneficent care of the patients.” Even though the young girl wishes for this to be kept quit especially since it affects her whole lie including her mother. It can be extremely scary time for her but we have to be her advocate and place her in a safer environment going against the patients trust in us to not say anything which is whe