For your case study you need to choose a good ‘story’ based

MGT219: The Assignment. 2016The assignment was approved by the subject group yesterday without any changes. We hope you find the assignment really interesting and an opportunity to work on themes from the module that engage you.The story: For your case study you need to choose a good ‘story’ based on an organisation (or organisations) from a media source like the Guardian, Independent, BBC News, the Times (although I think you have to pay for that if you are accessing it online) etc that you can use for purposes of analysis. Sometimes there is enough in one article for your analysis but if there is not then you can look at up to three sources on the same story to get comprehensive coverage of the topic.The analysis based on two themes The analysis of the story should be based on only two of the different weekly topics (eg ‘Gender’ and ‘Sexuality’ count as one theme because we did those topics in the same week). It may be that the story you find focuses on one key topic (eg Stress) but then it is up to the student either to find another source on the same story or look deeply at the story so that they can introduce another theme (eg Culture); this involves a degree of interpretation of the ‘story’.Developing the assignment and submitting it: It is a good idea to start the assignment off with a brief overview of the story around 500 words and how it is going to be interpreted and then work on the themes. You should include the actual sources as an Appendix to hand in with the hard copy of the assignment. You should also submit the assignment through Turnitin. This will be made available to you in early December.Don’t forget that the hand in date is 12th January 2015.Forthcoming attractions: Don’t forget that there are still a number of fascinating themes that are yet to come in the lecture sessions. If one or more of these themes is attractive to you, you can start reading round the theme and then incorporate any material from the lectures as you develop your assignment.In preparation for the revision tutorials it is expected that you will have made some significant progress with the assessment. Please bring what you have for discussion and comments. As a bare minimum an outline for the assessment and suitable case study(s) should be broughtFinally and most importantly you must make sure that everything is referenced correctly (to avoid being deducted marks for plagiarism) using the Harvard referencing system. If in doubt about referencing get a copy of the Harvard system they are freely available