For the long essay you will want to use basic essay

For the long essay you will want to use basic essay structure, providing at least five paragraphs (an intro, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion) and writing at least a page in length in your blue book. The introductory paragraph should be at least three sentences. The first sentence should introduce which of the two main question you are answering. The second should further clarify that topic. And the final sentence of your intro should be the thesis statement, either making an argument or at the very least summarizing what you will be talking about in the essay. (you do not necessarily have to make a particular argument in this essay, but can if you so desire) The body of the essay should have at least three paragraphs, each designed to discuss one aspect of the overall subject. It would be helpful, once you decide which of the two questions you are answering, to break that into three parts and dedicate a paragraph to each. If making an argument it is sometimes useful to make one paragraph a counterargument, so that is acceptable as well. We will discuss this more during the review on Friday. Each of these paragraphs should be at least three or four sentences and provide some detail from lecture. The conclusion paragraph should be at least two or three sentences and wrap up the essay, summarizing what it was about and restating the thesis or argument if there was one, but at the very least restating the summarization given in the intro Long Essay (50 points total) (from review sheet, these are the questions that will appear on the test so you can go ahead and begin preparing for one or the other) This third section is perhaps the most important. Be sure to write at least a page, providing an intro, at least three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Fully answer the question or questions to the best of your ability using the information you have gained from the book and lectures, but do not be afraid to make unique arguments as well.