For Henry Only

For Henry Only

Article Analysis

For your article analysis, you must choose a critical article from the GMC library databases that 

makes a clear argument about the reading you’ve chosen for your research paper. The article 

you choose must provide more than basic biographical information and plot summary. Your 

analysis should be at least 500 words in length.


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Your article analysis will be graded on the following rubric:

Argument 70 points

MLA Style 10 points

Mechanics, Grammar, and Punctuation 10 points

Structure 10 points


 In your analysis, you should clearly identify the author’s thesis and main points. You 

should then provide a critique of these main points and the overall thesis.

 While you’re writing, you may want to think about the following:

1. How could the author have made his/her argument stronger?

2. What are the weak points in the argument? What are the strong points?

3. Do you agree or disagree with the author’s conclusions?

You should support your critique with information from the reading you’ve chosen for 

your research paper.

MLA Style

 Your paper must be formatted according to MLA format.

 You must include a works-cited page at the end of your paper. 

 You must include in-text citations within the body of your paper.

 For more information about MLA style, you should view the Purdue OWL’s pages on 


Mechanics, Grammar, and Punctuation

 All written assignments should be mechanically and grammatically correct with proper 


 For more information on each of these, you should view the Purdue OWL’s General 

Writing Resources page:


 The introduction should include a clear thesis statement. It should also clearly identify 

the title of the article you’ve chosen and the author’s name.

 Each body paragraph should have a clear topic sentence that relates back to the thesis. 

The information in each paragraph should relate to the topic sentence. In the body 

paragraphs, you may want to focus on individual points made by the author.

 Before you begin writing, I recommend that you write an outline to organize your ideas. 

Doing this will help you write a logical, well-organized essay.