Pick ONLY ONE of the following questions. As in past assignments, research and answer completely.

  • Research the Web for automatic speech recognition (ASR) systems.  Make a list of the ones you find.  What are the prices of each?  Are they speaker-independent or speaker-dependent?  Do they support continuous speech recognition or discrete speech recognition?  What sort of add-on vocabularies can you purchase?  How comfortable would you feel speaking the contents of a term paper as opposed to typing it?  Would you have to be more or less organized to use speech recognition as opposed to typing? Why?
  • In this chapter, we presented you with numerous key technologies and how they relate to four important trends. (See Figure 9.1 on page 258 for the list of technologies and trends.)  For each of the four trends, identify some of the technologies presented in this chapter that can have an impact.  For each technology that you do identify, provide a short discussion of how it might have an impact.