FIN330 Effects of Drugs on The Body Temperature Changes Assignment

The file labeled example format is not a part of the work rather just an example of how the assignment should be done. The excel file is the data for the question.

A medical researcher wants to determine whether a drug changes the body’s temperature. Seven test subjects are randomly selected, and the body temperature (in degrees Fahrenheit) of each is measured. The subjects are then given the drug and after 20 minutes, the body temperature of each is measured again. The results are listed below. Use significance level α = 0.05, and we assume that the body temperatures are normally distributed.

  1. Which t-test you used?
  2. Find the degrees of freedom?
  3. What is the t-statistic of the test?
  4. Find the t-critical value(s)? (3 p)
  5. One or two tailed hypothesis testing used?