Fake news and effects on the pandemic

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Fake news and the effects on the pandemic

The covid-19 pandemic has resulted in a lot of controversies since its development. Many people around the globe have had different opinions that have given rise to fake news.

Through this fake news, this fake news has harmed the perception of the pandemic. One of the effects that this fake news has caused is the perception of people seeing that there is no covid-19.

Many people in the world don’t believe that there is such a disease. Through many government efforts making sure that their citizens are healthy, many of the citizens fail to follow covid-19 rules and regulations such as wearing masks, keeping social distance, and many others more.

This has resulted to be a burden for many nations in the world to be able to control this deadly flu-like disease known as coronavirus. (Fernández-Torres, et al. 2021) The recent effects of fake news on the pandemic are about the covid-19 vaccine.

The vaccine has caused a lot of arguments, with others saying the vaccine has side effects and it’s not an appropriate thing for a human being to use while others are in agreement that the vaccine is the right way to control this pandemic.

In this essay paper, I am going to discuss how the procedure of researching influences my understanding as it is connected to media learning.

Explaining how I became more media well-educated after investigating my topic, expounding on how my view moved as it relates to media knowledge after finishing my project, how the project altered my viewpoint on media exits and how they convinced me in watching and responding to their content, the local and global groups that work on the issue of media knowledge and the ones that work on subjects connected to my capstone task.

The procedure of investigating influenced my understanding as it is connected to media literacy; all along I have believed that the media plays a positive role in informing and educating people. But through my research, influenced my understanding that media can be both positive and negative at the same time.

For my topic, media has contributed much negativity to the pandemic rather than it has done on the positive influence. Through researching, I was able to understand how media can be used negatively to influence people, many people do believe in media, media has a powerful impact on a citizen of a country.