epidemiology and nursing profession

1.In a formal paper, describe a clear and complete career role ofnurse practitioner.

2.describe an infection disease outbreak from history ( any outbreak other than Ebola)

3.describe how you would foresee functioning ( as a nurse practitioner) if a major outbreak of infectious disease affected your institution or community. Accurate description of a known type of outbreak that could likely occur in the setting described

4.Describe workable role for this professional in this type of outbreak in significant detail. Specifically and consistently applies the 10 steps, or another equally valid model, to this outbreak

5.Describes workable tips for how to educate the public, gain media cooperation, and avoid panic

6.Describe one way in which this training in avoiding epidemiologic traps might come in handy in helping manage the outbreak. Mention at least one correct specific epidemiologic trap and give a workable strategy to avoid it.

7.Use APA format