encrypted data

Which of the following statements is true?

Cookies were originally intended to facilitate advertising on the Web

Cookies always contain encrypted data

encrypted data

Cookies contain the URLs of sites the user visits

Web browsers cannot function without cookies

Question 2

Which of the following security risks associated with electronic commerce is false?

A firewall is a system used to insulate an organization’s intranet from the internet

A common firewall configuration employs two firewalls – a network level firewall and an application level firewall

A digital certificate is an electronic authentication technique that can be used to authenticate the identity of the sender of a message

In a public key management system a certification authority will issue and revoke digital certificates

Encryption can resolve all security concerns

Question 3

Per the article The Information Security Control Environment, which of the following is considered a “least” commonly implemented control?

Protect equipment from unauthorized access

Maintain network security

Enforce a secure logon process when providing access to information services.

Keep antivirus software updated

Authenticate remote users accessing the network

Question 4

Which of the following statements is correct?

TCP/ IP is the basic protocol that permits communication between Internet sites.

TCP/ IP controls Web browsers that access the Web

TCP/ IP is the document format used to pro-duce Web pages

TCP/ IP is used to transfer text files, programs, spreadsheets, and databases across the Internet

TCP/ IP is a low- level encryption scheme used to secure transmissions in higher- level ( HTTP) format

Question 5

Which of the following statements associated with the internet and/or intranet is false?

Discharged employees raise particular concerns because of trade secrets, operations data, accounting data and other confidential information to which they had access

Many organizations are reluctant to prosecute those that commit an internet/intranet crime

Privacy is normally not one of the reasons why individuals avoid internet commerce

A denial of service attack is defined as an assault on a web server to prevent it from servicing its legitimate users

One form of internet fraud involves establishing a website to steal a visitor’s password.

Question 6

A digital signature

is the encrypted mathematical value of the message sender’s name

is derived from the digest of a document that has been encrypted with the sender’s private key

is derived from the digest of a document that has been encrypted with the sender’s public key

is the computed digest of the sender’s digital certificate

Question 7

Which of the following best describes a system of computers that connects the internal users of an organization distributed over a wide geographic area?



decentralized network

multidrop network