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What do you find most difficult when factoring trinomials? Which methods of factoring do you find easiest to use (such as FOIL, grouping, ac method, etc.)? Explain.

Also I need a coment for student’ rabies

Student 1

Factoring Trinomial is indeed a difficult task. There are different methods that can be used for the factorization. The task which I found to be most difficult is the task of the grouping together of the factorials. Another method which I found difficult was ‘the ac method’ that was used for the factorization of trinomials. As every method have its own benefits. The grouping method is initially difficult but makes the task easy to solve. The foil method is the best and easiest method and is the most preferred method for me. The other method which I use is the guessing of last term method for the factorization of trinomials.

Student 2

The “ac” method for factoring trinomial is sort of difficult technique for me whereas FOIL grouping method is quite easy and convenient and the other method which i use is using factoring to guess the last term is the method which can be used effectively for factoring trinomials.