Discrimination, prejudice, and stereotypes

Discrimination, prejudice, and stereotypes

forensic psychology

This week, you learned basic definitions of diversity and concepts related to diversity. You explored the psychology of diversity as well as the benefits and challenges with which it is associated in forensic psychology. Discrimination, prejudice, and stereotypes were not only defined but also explained in terms of their contribution to social bias as a whole and specifically in forensic settings.

For your Week 1 assignment, you will be asked to identify and explore stereotypes present in forensic settings through an analysis

  1. Identify a minimum of three stereotypes present in forensic settings and the groups they are associated with.
  2. Explain how you believe these stereotypes developed.
  3. Address how these stereotypes can be changed and/or what might bring about this change?
  4. Discuss your personal experience with stereotypes.

Support your analysis with 2 scholarly references.

Length: 2 pages