Disaster recovery Case Study

Disaster recovery Case Study



Psychological First Aid Treatment Plan Assignment Instructions


Disaster recovery is a journey of healing and transformation for a survivor to be able to live a meaningful life in a community of his or her choice while striving to achieve maximum human potential. A Psychological First Aid Treatment Plan is a tool used by counselors and survivors to outline the objectives of the disaster recovery process. A Psychological First Aid Treatment Plan assists counselors and survivors to make positive changes happen through purpose, focus, and direction. Treatment plans empower the survivors to take charge of their own life, address mental health distress, and move forward toward that happy and healthy place with strong mental health, emotional health, and wellbeing.


You will complete a Psychological First Aid Treatment plan based on this scenario.

A large earthquake has suddenly hit the center of the city in the middle of the workday. Buildings have fallen, there is widespread destruction and you are among the many people who have been affected. There is a diverse group of people (young and old, men and women) who have survived and are now in a shelter. You have each been affected in different ways and are distressed, but no one has experienced a life-threatening injury. You have been deployed by your agency to support the survivors at the shelter. Choose one survivor from among the list below:

· Unaccompanied child – alone and frightened, about 10 years old

· Pregnant woman with a child

· Very distressed but unharmed person whose family is lost in the disaster

· Person in shock who cannot speak

· Nervous person who is upset and starting to upset others

· A frail, elderly person.

Create a Psychological First Aid Treatment Plan for this survivor.

Your Psychological First Aid Treatment Plan must:

· Distinguish the nature of the disaster for the survivor as well as the type of crisis (i.e. developmental, situational, existential, interpersonal, spiritual)

· Identify all eight core actions of Psychological First Aid

· Demonstration practical strategies for implementing the eight-core actions of Psychological First Aid

· Suggest strategies for alleviating psychological distress based off of discussions or discoveries made from the course textbooks and presentations

· Offer teachable coping skills the counselor can share with the survivor

· Provide a specific approach toward developing self-care for the counselor

This 5-page assignment must have a title page (this counts as page one) including your name, the course, the instructor, and the assignment (Psychological First Aid Treatment Plan Paper).

Include the following headings in your paper:

· Nature of the Disaster

· Alleviating the Psychological Distress

· Teaching Coping Skills

· Developing Counselor Self-Care & Resiliency

Your paper must be formatted in current APA standards and include a reference page (Note that the reference page does not count toward the overall page length requirement).


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