Diagnostic health study of Sam

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Diagnostic health study of Sam

Sam is a 26-year-old mother of 2 children (daughter 2 y/o, son 6 y/o). She lives with her partner Chris who is the father of her children and they have been together off and on since high school. Sam is coming in today because she reports being stressed and having difficulty sleeping.

She said that her son has started to get in trouble at school for hitting other children and she is at risk of losing her job as an administrative assistant because she has to keep leaving work to go to school. Sam says that her son has never had behavior problems before. Sam says that Chris thinks the school is just being “too sensitive” and that their son is just “doing what boys do”.

Sam and Chris have started to argue more frequently because she feels like he isn’t helping her enough. Sam says that she feels alone and worries that things are going to start “falling apart” for the family.


How would you approach this case?

What are some areas that you would focus on?

Any early diagnostic impressions?