Developing a Logic Model Outline

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Week7: Developing a Logic Model Outline Handout
Ana Melendez

Master of Social Work, Walden University

SOCW 6311: Social Work Research in Practice II

Dr. Linda Hadeed

January 16, 2022

Week7: Developing a Logic Model Outline Handout
Practice-Level Logic Model
At the practice level, Helen is clearly in distress both physically and mentally. She needs support from her family to relieve her of the burden she is carrying. Being the main caregiver, Helen is stressed a lot which is not healthy for her or the ones she is caring for. According to Lam (2014), caregivers need to be aware of when they are suffering or in distress and seek help for the sake of those who they are caring for. The elderly can achieve better outcomes when they have strong and healthy caregivers. Helen needs a support group where she can learn more about caregiving and proper coping mechanisms. In a support group, a member engages with others who have similar problems and goals, which provides them with social support.

With Magda’s health deteriorating and Helen not being able to find a solution to get her in a stable environment yet, outside resources, such as church members, state programs for older adults need to be considered as possible solutions to help with Magda’s situation. The goal of a support group is to get members, such as Helen to have improved health outcomes and share stress management to reduce anxiety (Schulz et al., 2016). The outcomes can be measured by observing the changes in how relaxed Helen will be in opening up about her changes, improvement in both Magda’s and Helen’s health status.