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Krista Hodge

Western Governors University

TASK 1 C228 V3

(B) Needs Assessment


Sentinel City is a simulated environment has a total population of 663,862 (Sentinel City, 2018). Within the city are four different neighborhoods; Nightingale Square, Acer Tech Center, Casper Park District, and Industrial Heights. The highest population within the neighborhoods is Casper Park District with 352,643 people, next is Acer Tech Center with 168,390, then Nightingale Square with 103,974, and the lowest population being in Industrial Heights with 38,855 people (Sentinel City, 2018). The majority of the population is Caucasian at 80.6%, followed by African American at 10.5%, Asian 3.7%, American Indian/Alaska Native 2.0%, Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander 0.2%, and 3.1% of the population listed as being two or more races (Sentinel City, 2018). In Nightingale Square, Acer Tech Center, and Casper Park District the primary ethnicity is white and secondary is Hispanic or Latino. Percentages of each are as follows: Nightingale Square has 81.3% white and 3.7% Hispanic/Latino; Acer Tech Center has 70.2% white and 13.7% Hispanic/Latino; Casper Park is 63% white and 24% Hispanic/Latino (Sentinel City, 2018). In Industrial Heights the primary is Hispanic or Latino at 46.8% and secondary is African American 13.1% (Sentinel City, 2018).

As a whole, Sentinel City has a median household income of $49,091 and 18.9% live below poverty level(Sentinel City, 2018). Median household incomes were quite different between the four communities which seems to be directly related to the number of uninsured people. The highest median household income was in Nightingale Square with $269,550 and only 0.7% of them being uninsured (Sentinel City, 2018). Second was Acer Tech Center with median household income of $166,300 and 1.5% uninsured (Sentinel City, 2018). Third, Casper Park District, with median household income of $80,134 and uninsured rate of 22.7% (Sentinel City, 2018). The lowest income per household was in Industrial Heights at $24,672 and the highest percentage of people without insurance at 37.5% (Sentinel City, 2018). Industrial Heights also had the most disabled people with 12.9% (Sentinel City, 2018). The neighborhoods with the highest incomes also had older populations and the highest number of veterans. Nightingale Square has 13.9% of its population that is 65 or older and 5326 veterans (Sentinel City, 2018). Acer Tech Center has 19.8% over the age of 65 and 6208 veterans among them (Sentinel City, 2018). Casper Park District only had 6.5% over the age of 65 and 2016 veterans and Industrial Heights by far the lowest with only 0.9% over 65 years of age and 607 veterans (Sentinel City, 2018).

Neighborhood Safety Assessment