Current Research · Choose one of the topics that was covered

Current Research 
· Choose one of the topics that was covered in this week’s chapter.( Curriculum theory in technology was one of many topics covered in Chapter 3)
· Glatthorn, A. (2018). Curriculum Leadership: Strategies for Development and Implementation (5th edition). Glenview, IL: Scott, Foresman and Company.
· Find a current research study or article about a research study from the past year that is relevant to the topic.
o Post the link to your research.
o Describe how that research is applicable to today’s classroom in the school district where you live.
o Are there aspects of the research that would be difficult or impossible to implement from a practicality standpoint?
o State why or why not.
o What polit into practice?
o State one helpful political factor and one political factor that would be a hindrance.
o Identify if each factor is at the state, local, or federal level and the one that would be the most influential, either positively or negatively.
o Support your answer with at least one quality resource.