Consumers Online Activities Being Tracked without Their Permission Discussion

Please provide a 200 word answer to the following 2 questions.

Question #1

There is a web advertising company that collects users’ data every time they click on a website, post a message on a social app, send an e-mail, or do any online searching. This data is then sold to companies so that they can use it to send customized advertisements to potential customers.

The exercise equipment company you work for is given access to this data, and you are asked to create association rules to identify future customers who are likely to buy the company’s new exercise product.

After performing association rules analysis, you discover certain patterns that are very accurate in predicting the likelihood that a customer will buy the new exercise equipment. This discovery is likely to make your company a lot of money and also make you an analysis superstar at your company. At the same time, you realize the web advertising company has been collecting its data using inappropriate, albeit not illegal, means. Even though most consumers realize their online activities are tracked without their express permission, do you consider this ethical? Does the fact that the product the exercise company wants to sell is one that can benefit the customer? Justify your opinions with specific business examples.

Question #2