Conduct of human social behavior

Observation of Social Behavior

Conduct observation of human social behavior in a public place by selecting a topic from the list of approved topics I provided. Specific references should be made in the observation to principles discussed in class. These may include altruism, attraction, conformity, gender, group influence, persuasion, and/or prejudice.

Project Components

1. Title page: On your title page, in addition to your name, e-mail address, course title and number, and title of your observation name the site of the observation.

2. Abstract:  This is a 1-2 paragraph summary of your study, your primary research question(s), hypothesis(es), brief data collection method, and overall results.

3. Introduction:  This section introduces your subject.  You will include a literature review using at least five professional references.  this section should also include your research questions and specific hypotheses.

4. Method:  This section lays out exactly what your data collection methodology entailed.  What did you do?  Sub-sections should be:  1) Subjects/Population, in which you describe your subjects using broad demographics (how many subjects you had, estimated age category, sex, ethnicity, etc.); and 2) Methods, in which you describe exactly what you did to collect the data.

This section should be detailed enough that another scientist can read what you wrote and replicate your study down to the last detail.

5. Results:  This section of your paper discusses how you analyzed your data.  What type of data did you have?  How did you analyze it?  What comparisons did you make between groups?  Mean, median, mode?  What were your numerical results?

6. Discussion:  This is the final section of your paper in which you describe what you did again, and then carefully examine your results.  Did your results support your hypotheses?  Why or why not?  What were some of the strengths and limitations of your study?  What might be the next best study following up this one?

7. References:  In this section, list the references you used in your paper.  Only references from professional journals (e.g., Journal of Social Psychology, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Journal of Psychology, Social Behavior, etc…) should be used.  Web site URLs will only be allowed if they direct the reader to a PRIMARY source (i.e., a journal article).

You must include a minimum of 5 references.  Remember, when you quote a reference (in lieu of paraphrasing), you must use exact language, use quotation marks to indicate it is a direct quote, and include page numbers in which the quote can be found.