Introduction to the Discussion Board.html

ENGL 1020: Composition/Analysis

The University of Memphis

Week 1: Discussion Board


This brief assignment will:


  1. Introduce each student to the Discussion Board,
  2. Introduce you to your fellow students.


Please follow the link “Discussion Board” in the course Content: Week 1, or choose “Discussions” at the upper right of your eCourseware page and find Week 1.


For the first discussion board, you have a choice in how you would like to introduce yourself to the class by showing us YOUR Memphis. While most of us reside in the same geographic location, our realities may be very different. It is these differences that give Memphis its unique flavor and what makes meeting new people so exciting. You may:


  1. Write a standard 300-500-word introduction of your favorite Memphis places and spaces, or:
  2. Create a multimodal Memphis introduction (Multimodal just means to use different media techniques. You could choose to create a video, create an infographic, create a playlist and narrate how it represents your Memphis, ect.)  Paste a link to your Multimodal project in the Discussion Board.
  3. Post by Thursday at 11:59 pm as you will want to meet your classmates by reviewing their posts through the end of the week.


NOTE: If you are not physically located in Memphis, you may either write about your impressions of Memphis, or show us YOUR world/city.


Future discussions may ask you to respond to questions and ideas gleaned from our readings, or may ask you to find and post examples of writing concepts that we are exploring.


Because the discussion board replicates class discussion, we will be reading and responding to each other. While all work must be completed by Sunday at 11:59 pm, you will often be asked to post by Thursday night to be able to respond to your peers, thus taking part in the virtual classroom by exploring ideas together.


This first discussion board posts will not be graded, but you must complete the post to receive a passing grade for the course. When writing and narrating, please use standard academic language.