Complete Social Science Statistics Assignment NO PLAGIARISM

Detail, with very specific examples of each item, the meaning of the following concepts related to statistical data gathering: Be sure that the concept is first defined, IN YOUR OWN WORDS, and that you use a concrete example (including visual examples) to illustrate your understanding of the statistical concept: Treatment Group; Control Group; Summary Statistic; Numerical Variable; Discrete Variable; Continuous Variable; Ordinal Variable; Nominal Variable; Dependent Variable; Independent Variable; Population; Sample; Simple Random Sample; Stratified Sample;Representative Sample; Convenience Sample; Observational Study; Cohort; Placebo; Prospective Study; Retrospective Study; Cluster; Control Group; Mean; Median; Mode; Histogram; Outlier; Pie Chart;

You may have to use outside sources as well as your textbook to navigate and understand these terms. Be sure that all sources are properly cited at the end of your submission on a reference page.