Commenting on two classmates discussions on Polynomials

Be sure to ask questions and offer suggestions. Must have at least one citation. In APA format

Classmate #1 Dianna Smith

I just went to the grocery store and bought boneless chicken wings and stuff you make pizza with for dinner tonight. So, I went to the store and got these items for tonight. P = pepperoni 3.48 M=mozzarella 1.88 C=cheddar 1.88 D=dough 2.40 W=wings 4.97

As I write a polynomial for me to figure out the cost of these items

P(cost) + m(cost) + c(cheddar) + d(cost) + w(cost)=






my total was 14.61

Classmate #2 Tracey

My special needs dogs have a very particular diet. Twice a month I must buy their special food from the specialty dog food store. The Rawbble costs $45/bag, the Blue Buffalo Limited Ingredient Lamb and Potato costs $21/bag, the Omega Oil costs $25/bottle and their special Open Farm Turkey Bites cost $10/bag. How much do I spend monthly on their food?

Rawbble: (r)

Blue Buffalo: (b)

Omega Oil: (s)

Open Farm Treats: (t)

Total food bill: (x)


Hopefully I set this up right!