Chronic, severe depression case study

This has 3 assignments; APA format; cite relevant sources and textbook; assignments will be submitted through safe assign for plagiarism


Assignment 1:

Choose only one case study to write about; no more than 2 pages not including title and reference page; APA format; See Attachment for case study articles

Case study 1

Case Study Format

You want your case to be well organized and well written to be sure that the information you include is easily identified and followed by your reader. The following can be used as section headings to help you organize your work:


A brief overview of relevant symptoms from the case:

Ms. Upton, 29-year-old special education teacher

· Always feel sad and alone

· Chronic, severe depression

· Suicidal ideation

· Severe self-cutting

· Limited memory of childhood

· Socially withdrawn

· Difficulty intimacy with men

· Feel worthless

· Poor sleep/often tired



List Diagnosis 1: (ICD & DSM diagnoses)

F33 Major depressive disorder, recurrent

· F33.3 Major depressive disorder, recurrent, severe with psychotic symptoms

Diagnosis 1 Reasoning/Evidence

· Feel sad and alone

· Chronic, severe depression

· Severe-self-cutting

· Suicidal ideation


List Diagnosis 2: (ICD & DSM diagnoses)

F40 Phobic anxiety disorders

· F40.1 Social phobias

Diagnosis 2 Reasoning/Evidence

· Socially withdrawn due to childhood

List Diagnosis 3: (if any)

F52 Sexual dysfunction not due to a substance or known physiological condition

· F52.8 Hypoactive sexual desire disorder

Diagnosis 3 Reasoning/Evidence

· Difficulty intimacy with men


There may be 2-3 diagnoses in each case.

2 pages in addition to title page and references

Diagnoses = 20 points

Reasoning/evidence = 20 points

APA Format & Writing = 10