Choose alanguage/dialect and research the attitudes that

Choose alanguage/dialect and research the attitudes that exist about that language/dialect.
Here are some questions to guide your research and to get you started writing:
1. Provide background information about this language. For example, how many first language speakers of the language are there? What parts of the world is it spoken in? Who speaks it? Is it commonly spoken as a second language/dialect? Where and who speaks it as a second language/dialect?
2. What attitudes exist about this language/dialect? What are some things different people might say about it? Give some examples.
3. Is this language/dialect perceived in different ways in different areas or contexts? What are the differences and why do you think this is?
4. What social factors do you think are associated with attitudes that people have towards this language/dialect? Racial? Socioeconomic class? Cultural? Education? Ethnic? Sexual or gender identity association? Physical/mental impairment? Anything else? Explain why any of these might contribute to people’s attitudes towards the language/dialect.
After answering these questions, think about the language attitudes that you wrote about in this assignment and discuss the following in your conclusion:how people perceive others based on how they speakhow these attitudes might be another way in which various forms of discrimination continue to occurwhat steps can you take to counter these perceptions and prejudices?
If you need help choosing a language to focus on in Part 2, you may investigate one of the following languages, or you may investigate one of your own choosing:South African Bantu speakers as perceived by White South AfricansSouth African Afrikaansspeakers as perceived by Black South AfricansHaitian Creole speakersas perceived by DominicansQuebec Frenchspeakers as perceived by Parisian FrenchBritish Cockney English speakers as perceived by upper class BritishTibetan speakers as perceived by Han ChineseKorean speakers as perceived by JapaneseSaami speakers as perceived by Finns and NorwegiansOromo speakers’ attitudes towards other (minority) language speakers in EritreaAmaric speakers attitudes towards Tigrinyaspeakers in EritreaBasquespeakers as perceived by SpaniardsHutu Bantuspeakers and Tutsi Bantuspeakers attitudes towards each other
Your paper should be 11/2 – 2 pages minimum, with 12pt font and 1 inch margins. You must cite two sources (not including the textbook) in Part 2 of the assignment using APA or MLA format.