Childhood Trauma and Substance Abuse

Topic: Childhood Trauma and Substance Abuse in Adults in Urban Areas

In this assignment, you will use research theory to demonstrate how the proposed study:

· Provides intended outcomes that could have practical implications that could be used by the stakeholders of the research.

· Contributes to the qualitative research knowledge base.

· Addresses something that is not known, something that is new or different from prior research, extends prior research, or fills a gap in the existing literature.

. An analysis of any theoretical implications that the proposed study may have for understanding phenomena.

. A description of the practical implications that may result from the research.


Write a paper that reflects the research theory that supports the research topic and qualitative research for a proposed study. Use the structure of your paper. In your paper: SEE ATTACHED

· Describe the key elements of a theory for qualitative research (one paragraph).

· Explain how the theory supports the proposed study and/or understanding of the research topic (1–2 paragraphs).

· Describe how the practical implications resulting from the research could be used by stakeholders of the research (1–2 paragraphs).

· Support your assignment with appropriate academic sources and include both citations and references in current APA format. Use 5–7 scholarly resources published with the past three years by recognized academic sources.