Character discrimination Stereotypes

Character discrimination Stereotypes

You will choose one character from a movie or TV show that either is portrayed as a stereotype in some way and/or discuss how the character has experienced prejudice, discrimination, and stigma on the movie/show.

Describe the character such that someone who does not know who s/he/they get a clear picture of him/her/them. This includes describing his/her/their physical and personality characteristics, his/her/their behaviors, what role s/he/ they play when interacting with others, his/her/their sense of self, his/her/their abilities, and achievements, etc.

What “ism” that we have discussed in class is this character dealing with? Is this person described/portrayed stereotypically (i.e. funny overweight person or sweet older person?) Please explain how and why.

Discuss any stereotypes you observe in physical characteristics (clothes, hair, makeup, etc.) or psychological characteristics (personality). You will need to refer to chapters 5-9 and corresponding lectures for this information. You will need to provide appropriate APA citations.

What type of stigmatization is this character dealing with? Is this character’s stigma controllable or uncontrollable? Please give examples. (Cite from Chapter 10).

What are the psychological concepts of stigma this character faces? How does this affect his/her/their self-concept and/or self-esteem? Please give examples. (Cite from Chapter 10).

How does this character manage his/her/their stigmatization? How does s/he/they cope with prejudice? Which strategy does s/he/they employ?

What are one advantage and one disadvantage of this strategy? (Use a strategy mentioned in Chapter 11 and cite from Chapter 11).