Business law and legal issue

Business law and legal issue

These are the directions & attached is the assignment: 

The goal of this project is to evaluate your ability to apply the legal concepts about business law that you have learned in this course. These legal concepts should be applied to the following business scenario. This scenario tracks the life cycle of a hypothetical company doing business in Arizona. 

Carefully read the following three sets of facts and answer each of the five questions that follow. Each of these answers is worth 10 points so the total for this project is 150 points. (Remember: You need to average at least 60% on this project and your midterm exam combined in order to be eligible to pass this course.) 

Your answers should be in a short essay format and include an introduction, body and conclusion. The “grading matrix” that we have used during this course will apply to these answers. You must use at least two sources of law (one of which may be your textbook) in responding to each of the three main sets of facts. If you make any assumptions about the facts of any scenario be sure to identify these assumptions in your answer. 

Remember, you are responding to all the questions in all three scenarios below. 

This project is not timed. Work offline and edit your work carefully. When you are finished, copy the work and paste it into the Submit box for the final project and submit it to your instructor by the due date listed in your grade book. 

If you have any questions about these instructions you may email your instructor for clarification.