Business College and its responsibilities

Business & College


· College is more your own responsibility; HS gets more help from teachers

· In college, learning in the student’s job

· In HS time is structured by others

· HS repeatedly told about due dates, professors put it in the syllabus

· No second chances in college

· Success in college courses takes more time and effort than HS

· Students are more independent in college

· Professors get paid even if you don’t pass


Summary: ​It is the students’ – and only the students’ accountability that will lead them to success.



· Professors see courses as an opportunity to make your world richer and yourself stronger

· HS is more test prep

· In college, you have professors, not teachers

· The ability to communicate and get along with people are important job skills

· Students should build a relationship with professors: Over time, students have stopped building relationships with professors


Summary: ​College is knowledge-oriented and more purposeful to prepare students for the future, while HS is college/test prep




· Citations are a must in college

· College requires critical listening

· HS is required, college is voluntary

· HS has more flexibility on requirements. The college has more choices, but little flexibility.


Summary: ​The required skills for success are different in college.



Conclusion: College requires the student to take the responsibility for learning. It is different in both expectation and experience than High School.