brain chemistry decisions thesis


Do you have free will? Or does your brain chemistry make decisions for you?

This week, you are learning about the electrochemical reactions that happen every time you think, feel, or act. So does that mean you are not in charge? Does body chemistry direct your choices and eliminate your control?

This TED video (Links to an external site.) explains the specific ways caffeine affects your mood, alertness, and performance, all through your nervous system.

After you watch the video, choose a side to support: free will or brain chemistry (determinism) best explains mood, alertness, and performance.

In your response, use a minimum of three new terms from the webtext to support your argument. This is not based on your personal views but must include a reference to our course materials to support your ideas. There is no right or wrong answer to free will or brain chemistry. Your grade is based on your ability to support your choice with academic material.

Support your post with information from weekly webtext