Borderline Personality Disorder

Borderline Personality Disorder


PSY650 Week Four Treatment Plan


Behaviorally Defined Symptoms: Karen displays extreme emotional reactions at the hint of perceived

abandonment in a relationship. There is a history of unstable and intense interpersonal relationships,

impulsive behaviors, and recurrent suicidal gestures.


Diagnostic Impression: Borderline Personality Disorder


Long-Term Goal: Terminate self-harming behaviors (substance abuse, cutting, and suicidal behaviors).

Short-Term Goal: Reduce the frequency of maladaptive behaviors, thoughts, and feelings.


Intervention 1: Dr. Banks will outline the process of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy.

Intervention 2: Karen will commit to attending group behavioral skills training and individual


Intervention 3: Karen will participate in imaginal exposure to trauma, until the memories no

longer cause marked distressed.


For additional information regarding Karen’s case history and the outcome of the treatment interventions,

please see Dr. Bank’s session notes under Case 15 in Gorenstein and Comer’s (2015), Case Studies in

Abnormal Psychology.