Black Psychology Research Thesis



The Term Paper assignment will require the student to select a published research article (published in a professional, peer-reviewed psychological, or scholarly journal within the past five years).

The article must focus on some aspects of the Black experience and utilize African/Black participants. The paper must consist of a minimum of 5 double-spaced paged (12pt font) and a maximum of 7 pages. Strict page requirements will be enforced.


Guidelines: Review the article and evaluate it based on African/Black Psychology criteria, i.e., its worldview framework, how its specific aspects relate to African/Black psychology principles/paradigms, models and concepts, etc. Cite References where warranted.

[Your citations must include the Textbook, and possibly Class Lectures where such is relevant.] The paper MUST BE TYPED and Double-Spaced throughout. It MUST conform to ABPSI or APA Publication Manual Guidelines.

YOU MUST TURN IN YOUR ARTICLE TO ME (instructions will be provided in class and/or via email on how to electronically submit your article). The paper must include the following organization and Outline Headings:


1 Title Page

Use the Title of the Research Article you are reporting on as your Title along with the author’s name(s), in addition to the Course Info. followed by your name and the date.

2. Introduction

Try to place the general issue (the main problem being studied) into the broader context of consideration by African-Centered Psychology, then systematically narrow it to the critical issue of focus in the article.

3. Main Theoretical Issues and Hypothesis

Summarize the main theoretical Issues and Hypotheses of the study.

4. Methodology

Summarize the Methodology utilized in the study.

5. Results/Findings

Summarize the Main Findings of the research.

6. Interpretation and Conclusions

Summarize the Interpretation of the Findings and the Conclusions drawn from the study.

7. African-Centered Evaluation